Site is back online., By | RedneckJP007 @ February 23, 2019

The site is now currently back online after being offline for some time.

Making the site look more modern, By | RedneckJP007 @ August 10, 2018

Making the site look more modern with my own style of course, iv been tweaking with some of the code that makes the site look the way it does

Adding New Things, By | RedneckJP007 @ August 8, 2018

I’m adding new things to the site to make it easier to customize in the future.  

The New Domain, By | RedneckJP007 @ May 31, 2018

The site just got a new domain. Instead of the old redneckjp.ddns.net domain its now been updated to redenckjp.com , the site is now on the path to be more professional though SSL/HTTPS security will come at a later date in the future.