Site is back online., By | RedneckJP007 @ February 23, 2019

The site is now currently back online after being offline for some time.

Adding New Things, By | RedneckJP007 @ August 8, 2018

I’m adding new things to the site to make it easier to customize in the future.  

INFO: Images are back!!, By | RedneckJP007 @ August 7, 2018

For sometime now images would not load on the site, I think now I can say they are fixed.

The New Domain, By | RedneckJP007 @ May 31, 2018

The site just got a new domain. Instead of the old domain its now been updated to

Project #2: Maslow CNC Sled, By | RedneckJP007 @ January 29, 2018

From my own design i made a sled for a Maslow CNC machine that should give most routers a Z axis if […]

Project #1: Porter Player, By | RedneckJP007 @ January 29, 2018

Porter player is my first java application that i ever made. I had the idea “what if i could make an MP3 player in java” then i did. at first it only opened and played .wav files, in fact it only played one .wav file.

Project #2: in the works., By | RedneckJP007 @ January 28, 2018

New Project coming soon , a custom Maslow CNC sled with universal Z axis support.

INFO: New projects, By | RedneckJP007 @ August 21, 2017

New projects will be added when completed . . .